Nano Polymers, Nanotubes And Nano Porous Materials

Polymer nanocomposites contain of a polymer or copolymer having Nano patches dispersed in the polymer matrix. Polymer nanotechnology group will develop enabling approaches for the patterning of functional shells. A nanotube is a nanoscale material that has a tube- alike structure. Nanotube structures have multitudinous operations in the general field of nanotechnology, which is a kind of recent field with major eventuality, as well as some significant arrears. Nanoporous accoutrements correspond of a regular organic or inorganic frame supporting a regular, pervious structure. The size of the pores is generally 100 nm or lesser. Utmost nanoporous paraphernalia can be classified as bulk paraphernalia or membranes.

  • Bio-hybrid polymer nanofibers
  • Engineering applications
  • Structure of single-walled tubes
  • Microporous materials

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