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Nano Engineering and Nano Applications

Nanoengineering enables the manipulation of nanostructures from the atomistic and molecular grades and the produce of nanomaterials with programmed appointments. The content of nanoengineering is that it can be used to discover the micro and nanoscale intimations hidden behind material interpretation at the macroscale. The clusters of some nanomaterials make them ideal for perfecting early conclusion and treatment of neurodegenerative provisions or disease. They are capable to attack toxic cells widely without injuring other healthy cells

  • DNA Nanotechnology
  •  Nanotechnology in Cancer Treatment
  •  Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering
  •  Nanostructured materials for construction
  •  Nanotechnology in Food Science
  •  Nanotechnology in Space
  •  Nanotechnology in Food fabricating
  •  Nanotechnology in Electronics
  •  Nanotechnology in Energy
  •  Nanotechnology in Biomedicine
  •  Nanotechnology in Environment
  • Nanotechnology in Textile Industry

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